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Welcome to our new website. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, our previous version could not be updated, and we needed to start from scratch. Luckily this gave us the chance to clean everything up, and we are excited to use this platform to share stories of hope about the various programmes in our pipeline.

To understand what we are about I thought to make the first blog post about… well… us, Stellumthombo. To give you a glimpse of who we are and where we are going.

At Stellumthombo we aim to cultivate hope through various different programmes, each aimed at different people at different stages of a person’s development. So we have programmes that start at the first 1000 days of a child’s development, and it stretches all the way to when a person receives a tertiary qualification which can be used to obtain an income.

During every phase of a person’s development, the various Stellumthombo programmes have identified vital strategic intervention areas which will give an individual the best chance to reach his or her potential and flourish as an individual. These interventions include basic stimulus and nutrition for in the first 1000 days programme, literacy and cultivating a reading culture for our grade R’s to grade threes, individual mentorships and emotional intelligence for out grade four up to grade seven, group and identity discovering programmes for teenagers and finally mentorship for young matric graduates. All of these programmes have one goal, to help individuals flourish and reach their potentials through strategic interventions.

We do realise that not everyone gets it right the first time. We also considered that with our Straatlig programme, where people can get a second chance to develop themselves. This programme also aims to become adults making a responsible contribution to society.

How we achieve, all this is through a very passionate and qualified group of people who chose to work at Stellumthombo, but primarily it is only possible through volunteers.

If you are not a volunteer yet, please contact our offices and say where you want to get involved.


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