The focus of Straatlig is to be a safe haven for those living on the fringes of society, especially those living in poverty.

This haven is created by focusing on caring for and encouraging the personal development of the homeless, destitute and needy people in the Greater Stellenbosch area. Our vision is to facilitate a process of healing, to restore hope to those that have lost a positive outlook on life and to empower people to live meaningful lives.

Our name means “Street Light”. Straatlig makes a very important contribution to the Stellenbosch community through its various programmes, while our commitment to partnerships and cooperation means that we never duplicate work that is already being done by others.

Our Programmes

Good to Great Coaching

Straatlig has become a place where those willing and able people can find the necessary support to develop and better themselves.  

We work on an individual basis, meeting our clients where they are in their walk of life and through or resources as well as partners we are cultivating hope in individual lifes by giving them opportunity get out if their situation.

Life Skills

Our Life-skills programme focus on the soft skills needed te excel at life. Many of our beneficiaries have marketable skills, but lack the necessary emotional skills to maintain healthy relationships, be it with their families or at work.

It is exactly because of this reason why the focus in the life-skills programme is on cultivating a growth mindset and taking responsibility of one’s actions, situation as well as emotions

Physical Aid

We teach our beneficiaries responsibility by entrusting them with the different physical aid they receive from Straatlig. Whether it is a blanket, clothes of even financial assistance, everything comes with responsibility, which breaks down the entitles street person label, by believing in peoples capacity to take care of the things entrusted to them. 

Irresponsible aid robs a person of his self worth and dignity

Give Responsibly

In partnership with the Stellenbosch Nightshelter, Stellenbosch Municipality and Heartflow we are part of a Stellenbisch Give Responsibly movement encouraging residents to give people on the street a hand up not a hand out. To ready more about the Coupon movement click here.

Bible Studies

We believe that our value is not measured in what we have or who we are, but rather Whose we are. Our Bible studies focus on self worth, where we find our identity in the fact that God has created us, Chosen us, Blessed us and also broken us to be given back to the world. This value is enough…


we cannot do what we do in isolation. In order to address a person’s need from a holistic perspective we work with strategic partnerships. 

My life has been changed because of the interventions I received at Straatlig, especially the life skills. I used to be a heavy drinker and smoker, but I learned how to take responsibility of my actions, and have decided to make a change. I am now able to go back home and face my family, since I am no longer the same person as before.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous Malawian refugee


Nobody wanted to help, and we did not know who to turn to. We did not have food or electricity and did not see a way out.

When we came to Straatlig we were received with open arms and they pulled us out of deep waters in a time when we needed it the most. Straatlig helped us to understand that we must not feel ashamed to admit that we are struggling. They also gave the necessary support for us to get back on our feet. 

Thank you for caring!



Get Involved

Become a Champion

It doesn’t matter what you’re up to: you can raise money (and awareness) for Stellumthombo through any challenge you’re undertaking.


How to Donate

When you make a donation, we can issue you with a Section 18A donation certificate which you can use for tax purposes.



Become a volunteer at one of the Stellumthombo programmes in order to cultivate hope in a person’s life.



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