Woolworths My School I My Village


Stellumthombo is currently busy with the process to register as a beneficiary for the Woolworths My School / My village program, With this registration we will be able to receive financial support for each time you use your My School card at various places. In order for us to register we need 50 people to choose us as a beneficiary. Please assist us in this regard by downloading and completing the attached form. On the form you can choose Stellumthombo as one of the beneficiaries, along with any other two of your choosing.

You can either send the completed form to us via email at info@stellumthombo.co.za, or drop it off at the Kerkhuis office in Stellenbosch or the Khaya offices next to Kruiskerk.

Be ensured that all information received will not be distributed or shared with any other parties with the exception of Woolworths.