Straatlig attempts to create a safe haven for those who find themselves living on the fringes of society. In the past couple of weeks a lot has happened, some of them sad, others moments of celebration.

Every winter it seems, we lose a couple of people due to the harsh elements and this year was no exception. We have had to greet two very loving as well as stubborn women who passed away on the 6 October this year. It was a shock, both of them being under the age of 30, but also a wake up call for us all. On the following Monday we had a memorial/ story telling session for everybody who had a relationship with them. It was a truly sacred event. People had the opportunity to say their goodbye as well as celebrating the lives of the two women.

Somebody once said that when someone passes away, the person might be gone, but your relationship with them remain and will remain with you until the day you die. This is so true and I believe that those moments we shared with these women were sacred  and we from Straatlig’s side will cherish them always.