7 Week Journey

The first 7 weeks of the year is always an exciting time at Straatlig. During this time we along with the greater community of Stellenbosch, i.e. Moederkerk | Kruiskerk as well as other churches unite when we all focus on a 7 week journey of some kind.

This is material developed and produced by Moederkerk | Kruiskerk that lead us on a journey of personal and spiritual growth. This year it is a journey with the Bible and how to read it responsibly. Since most of the people we work with are very religious, reflect about their current situation through a religious lens, skills on how to do it effectively and constructively are very important. This year’s seven weeks program helps us to hone these skills so that every person find a sense of inner peace and self acceptance instead of crumbling under the crippling guilt so often associated with religious ideas, especially certain Christian doctrines.

Other than the personal development that takes place through the content of the 7 week process, there is also something beautiful in the whole town thinking, discerning and living the same idea or scripture during the week. It gives our clients a sense of belonging, of acceptance in the greater environment.