Een van die Masandise studente, Unathi (nie haar regte naam agv die PoPI-wet) is gekeur vir die NARYSEC (National Rural Youth Service Corps) program. Dit is ‘n 24-maande lange vaardigheidsontwikkelingsprogram binne die Departement van Landelike Ontwikkeling wat fokus op werklose jeug in die landelike gebiede. Die kandidate leer vaardighede en kry opleiding by NARYSEC, wat hulle dan in hul tuisdorpe moet gaan gebruik ten einde die gemeenskap op te hef. Die kandidate kry almal ook ‘n stipendium, wat hulle met hul gesinne tuis moet deel. Daar is ‘n sterk fokus op dissipline, en Unathi skryf as volg uit Kimberley – waar sy gebaseer is – hoe ‘n tipiese dag en week lyk:

One of our Masandise students, Unathi (not her real name due to the PoPI-act) was selected for the NARYSEC (National Rural Youth Service Corps) programme. It is a 24-month long skills development programme of the Department of Rural Development, which focuses on unemployed rural youth. The candidates learn skills and get training at NARYSEC that they will then implement in their home towns so as to help uplift their communities. The candidates also get a monthly stipend that they must share with their families at home. There is also a strong focus on discipline, and Unathi shares from Kimberley – where she is based – what a typical day and week are like:

We wake up at 4:00, sometimes 3:00, and then bath and prepare for an inspection (cleaning inside and outside the dorms). At 05:45 we must be ready for an instructor to come and inspect. After inspection we line up outside at 6:30 and by 6:45 we start to eat breakfast. At 7:30 we line up again for roll call and they divide us into 3 different companies. We are about 300 students in total. In my company we’re 133, we are divided into 3 platoons, and then we go to classes at 8:00 to 16:00. The facilitators teach us about community development projects and so on.

After classes we go to parade ground for drilling until supper time at 17:30 and at 18:00 we must be done. Then we have time to study and bath and at 19:30 we must line up for roll call, but rollcall is only at 20:00 so while we are waiting we must sing. After we are back in our bungalows, we prepare for next day.

On Saturdays we do maintainance outside our buildings and lecture rooms. Around 10:00 we go to the sports ground for sport and at 12:45 we come back for dinner after we do laundry.

Sunday mornings after breakfast we go and clean the hall for the church service at 8:45. We attend church until 9:45 and come back doing chicken parade (pick up dirty stuff from the church hall to our buildings) and line up again so they can count us. We go and rest for 3 hours and then we start to clean for the next Monday inspection (cleaning bathrooms, mopping,  polishing the floor, ironing our uniforms and polishing our shoes).

My challenge is the time to wake up 😓…I enjoy when we drill and when they punish us to run 🏃‍♀…but I miss my family now.