This young Xhosa girl was born in the Western Cape, a child of the new democratic South Africa. She went to Hazendal Primary School in Athlone till grade 6, when she changed schools to go to Bridge House Academy in Franschhoek where she finished matric in 2015 with good grades. Her path then took her to Johannesburg to study Marketing at Sedibeng College – but after six months she had to move back to Cape Town, to her grandmother’s house – which also houses an orphanage, Priscilla’s Home Care. The Home Care is largely funded by donors from England and Switzerland (More-2-Life Charity) and South Africa. Tinus van Zyl, retired minister of the Dutch Reformed Church, administrates the funds and takes care of the maintenance of the facilities. At the moment there are 6 boys and 2 girls in the children’s Home, as well Priscilla and 4 adult family members with no homes, no work and no income. Two ladies from Nyanga take care of the household tasks and a third lady comes in the afternoons as an afterschool ‘teacher’ to help the children with their homework – these three are paid out of the donors’ funds.

LL tried to carry on with her studies in Marketing at CPUT but the transport from Nyanga to Cape Town was so expensive that she had to drop out of the course.  Her life took a turn for the worse and she became one of the thousands of unfortunate young people with no training, no work, no income and no plan for the future.

Since she was a little girl, she has been interested in hair care and makeup and in 2017 she started to train herself by watching You Tube tutorials and to earn a little money by doing girls’ hair. In 2018 Tinus van Zyl started a conversation with her and asked her one question: “What is your dream for the future?” Her answer: “I’ve always loved makeup and I want to be a professional makeup artist on set with other makeup artists.” That set the ball rolling!

At the moment she is busy with a starter course with Shanaaz Alexander, Professional Makeup and Hair Artist, in Muizenberg. The course fee was paid by Masandise Study Aid. Transport between Nyanga and Muizenberg is a huge problem: she takes Taxifyin the mornings (‘Uber’ type of transport, but somewhat cheaper; the only way she can get there on time) and three different taxis when she returns to Nyanga (cheaper, but most time consuming!). Her transport fee is partly subsidised by a private donor; the rest she has to find herself by doing small jobs.

She is currently doing the basic course, and she would love to follow it up with an advanced course – but that is not a plan at the moment, only a dream…

LL says:

“Thank you VERY much to Masandise for the fantastic opportunity! I am loving the course and enjoying every minute of it.”