About us

The word Stellumthombo is a combination of the word Stellenbosch and the Xhosa word “umthombo” which means fountain or source. All the projects incorporated under the Stellumthombo umbrella focus on giving hope to those who have little. Stellumthombo then refers to be the fountain of hope in Stellenbosch, fueling the river flowing into the different areas in the community to become a river of living water, providing sustenance to all who seek it.

Shared Values

Stellumthombo is a value-based organisation. These values are the foundation from which all the different programs under the Stellumthombo umbrella functions. These values are all present in the value proposition listed below:

Cultivate hope for everybody

We believe that hope is very scarce in our town, country and world, and throughout our projects, we strive to cultivate hope in the lives of everybody involved (beneficiaries and volunteers).


Poverty is understood concerning people suffering from social exclusion. We believe that we need to decrease alienation in our society and through that create equal opportunities for all

Mutual relationships promote sustainable change

We understand that change does not happen overnight. All our programs have an emphasis on individual relationships and mentorship which is the only way through which we believe sustainable change can happen.

Stellumthombo is a nonprofit company with a focus on the following objectives:

  • Taking care of children who are abandoned, abused, neglected and traumatised by offering them shelter, protection and hope;

  • Providing help to persons who are addicted to dependence-forming substances by equipping them with the necessary tools to break the cycle of addiction;

  • Facilitating community development in disadvantaged communities through the
implementation of projects aimed at uplifting, empowering and equipping communities to become self- sustainable;

  • Providing training to unemployed people to enable them to obtain gainful employment;

  • Presenting educational outreach programs at disadvantaged schools and providing 
scholarships to deserving learners at such schools; and

  • Providing aptitude testing, scholarships and mentorship to previously underprivileged individuals for tertiary education

Straatlig is a project aiming to create a haven for those living the fringes of society, especially those living in poverty. This haven is created by focusing on the caring and personal development of the homeless, destitute and needy people in the Greater Stellenbosch area.  Our vision is to facilitate a process of healing, to restore hope to those that have lost a positive outlook on life and to empower people to live meaningful lives.

BecomingKids is an early intervention program focusing on high-risk children living in the Cloetesville area. This program addresses the needs of the children through a holistic approach focusing on the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of each child. The program is based on the philosophy that children need to be children and strives to create a safe space where they can flourish as individuals.

Masandise gives support to first-generation students coming from neglected or broken backgrounds. We attempt to not only provide financial support but the necessary emotional and social support they need to excel in their studies as well. This project is based on a mentorship model where we have continuous contact with the students