BecomingKids is an early intervention program focusing on high risk children living in the Cloetesville area. This programme address the needs of the children through a holistic approach focusing on physical, social and emotional wellbeing of each individual child. The program is based on the philosophy that children needs to be children and strives to create a safe space where they can flourish as individuals.

Homework club


We now have homework club on Tuesdays as well as on Thursdays. Tuesday homework club is still run by grade 10-12 Paul Roos learners who offer their time to come and help the children with homework and to help them develop skills like planning, organization, critical thinking, etc. Stellenbosch High School also wanted to become part of homework club and they are responsible for Thursdays.


Trauma counselling


Trauma is a part of life and this is especially the case with the children on our enrichment program. They are repeatedly exposed to different kinds of trauma. We are trying to create a safe space where our kids can just be and hopefully feel safe enough to share with the BecomingKids staff.

Better nutrition

Our children still receive two cooked meals a week and it is still supplied by our partners within the community. This improved the general health of the children and enabled them to concentrate for longer periods at a time. We recently received an egg cooker that helps US give a more balanced meal to the kids on days that they do not have cooked meals. The children love cooked eggs and it is so easy to make with the egg cooker that they can participate in the making of their lunch.



Parent support programme

At the end of 2015 we invited all the of the mothers, fathers, aunts, foster parents or grandmothers involved in the children’s lives to join us for a session once week where we talk about the challenges of raising children in the Cloetesville context and how to support them the best way possible. The parents came and the first group is almost two years old.

Mentorship programme

The mentorship programme is a programme where the mentors meet with their mentees every week for one hour. The mentor sessions consist out of 20 minutes of working on an academic problem area of the mentee, 20 minutes on emotional intelligence and life skills, and the last 20 minutes is spent by playing games or practicing a hobby together. These relationships are important for all our children as they learn about different lifestyles, study areas and given hope for their future. The feedback from volunteers has been amazing and they keep on mentoring year after year.

Individual therapy

At the start of 2017 she started therapy for our children twice a week in the afternoons. Most of the children in our program have experienced traumatic events in their lives. Children also have trouble voicing their experiences so we address this by using colour therapy in individual sessions in the afternoons. This enables the children to give voice to their experiences and perceptions of certain events.


Camps and outings

We believe that children learn the best through first hand experiences. So in order to facilitate such experiences we have a number of different outings and camps throughout the year. This exposes the children to different experiences and broadens their knowledge and world view


We believe that in order to have a sustainable influence in the lives of the children we need to partner with all the organisations that have an influence in their lives i.e. schools, family, social services.


In everything we do, we try take all the developmental factors of a child in account so that we have the most relevant and sustainable impact possible.

Mutual relationships promote sustainable change

We understand that change does not happen overnight. All our programs have an emphasis on individual relationships, and mentorship which is the only way through which we believe sustainable change can happen.


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