Our main focus is to be a safe haven for those living the fringes of society, especially those living in poverty. This haven is created by focusing on the caring and personal development of the homeless, destitute and needy people in the Greater Stellenbosch area.  Our vision is to facilitate a process of healing, to restore hope to those that have lost a positive outlook on life and to empower people to live meaningful lives.

Straatlig makes a very important contribution to the Stellenbosch community through its various programs, while our commitment to partnerships and cooperation means that we never duplicate work that is already being done.  Furthermore, the establishment of the after-care program provides an immeasurable service to children that face some of the harshest circumstances on a daily basis.

Bible studies

During these sessions we create a space of acceptance where we come together and cherish one another. These sessions also serve as the first encounter or first meeting we have with the homeless people. it is a non-threatening and inviting space where anybody can feel welcomed and cherished.

The main goal of these sessions is to give hope to those who have very little and specially to work on their self-image, which is broken down each day.


Counselling is another service we present to the homeless people and to do this more effectively as well as more responsibly our staff attended a trauma counselling course and is now registered at the South African Institute of Traumatic Counselling. Our offices are open for counselling every day of the week from 9:00 – 13:00. Our counselling sessions are not limited to only the homeless, but to anybody who need an ear to listen. Throughout the year, we have had clients from abused families, night shelter as well as addicts needing advice on how to apply for a rehab etc.

Providing assistance

In everything that we do we try to be sustainable in how we tackle social issues. It is the same when it comes to the assistance we provide to our clients. Any assistance people receive from Straatlig goes along with responsibility to take care of it. We believe in the capacity of the people on the street to be able to take good care of what has been given to them, and because of this a person that has been helped at the Straatlig office will not receive another set if they sell or lose it.


Educating the greater Stellenbosch

For us to have a lasting impact on the social issues of the town, we need to have the town on board. We believe to do this we must educate the town in how to give responsibly and how to address the social problems of our town.

Coupon Project

The coupon project we encourage the people of Stellenbosch to start giving responsibly by taking money out of the equation. Through our relationships with the people living on the street and struggling with addiction we were once again reminded that when a person give a hand-out to somebody living on the street, you are enabling them to go and purchase and use their drug of choice.

The coupon project help the people in Stellenbosch to still give the person in need their basic need, but they must come to our office to redeem it, and we can then help identify the main cause keeping them in the situation they are in, and hopefully provide assistance or information on how to break the cycle in their specific situation.

Street Outreach

Every Tuesday 19:00 we go and build relationships with people on the street and invite them to get involved with our other projects.


We work together with the other organisations in Stellenbosch to give the best possible support to all our clients.


Join us to make a sustainable difference in the lives of people in need.


Stellumthombo is a registered NPO with PBO status. This means that by making a donation to help fund our projects you qualify for a article 18 a tax receipt. Stellumthombo is also level one BBBEE compliant organisation, so by making a donation you will also qualify for BBBEE points.

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